about-pageOur Mission:

To grant wishes to late stage cancer warriors.

Our Story:

Jason and his mother regularly visited the local coffee shop to spend time together and catch up on life’s adventures. It was something just the two of them shared and they both looked forward to it each week throughout the years.

One day in September 2013, she looked at him and mumbled a familiar request:

“Do you want to go and grab a cup of coffee?”

The advanced cancer had rendered her body weak, tired and all but immobile. She required assistance for sitting up, a wheelchair to move greater distances and oxygen tank to breath. Jason knew grabbing coffee would be no small task as getting her out of the house would be impossible without the assistance of others.

When she died a few days later, the feeling of helplessness in that moment stayed with Jason.

Knowing he didn’t have the resources to provide his mother one last coffee date broke his heart. Something so simple that they had shared so many times was now unobtainable forevermore.

It is out of that sense of helplessness that One More Moment was founded. To give hope in a time of need and provide last “moments” which cancer fighters and their families will cherish forever.

What We Do:

One More Moment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Ann Arbor created to help give local late stage cancer warriors and their families an opportunity to have one more special moment together. To some, like Jason and his mother, it could be a cup of coffee at a local shop; to others it could be one last trip to Lake Michigan, one more football game, one more picnic in a park, a visit to sentimental place, or a drive to see the sunset. They needn’t be extreme or “typical”. The key is for something special and unique for every individual & family; simply “their” moment to enjoy.

Through our vast network of resources and generous donors & supporters, we work hand-in-hand with local organizations to ensure that late stage cancer warriors have their One More Moment.